Richard Jenkins is a London based photographer specialising in historical period photography as well as contemporary work. Richard has over twenty years of experience and is published throughout the world, with clients in Europe, North & South America and Australasia. Richard works with a talented and dedicated team to produce the shots you can see here.

Clients include:
Penguin Random House (G.B, U.S, Spain and Germany)
HarperCollins (G.B, U.S and Australia)
Simon & Schuster (G.B and U.S)
Random House Mondadori (Spain and Italy)
Hachette (G.B, U.S and France)
Harlequin (G.B, North America, France, Italy, Australia and Poland)
Weltbild (Germany), PanMacmillan (G.B & U.S)
St Martin’s Press (NYC), Ullstein (Germany)
Bloomsbury Books (G.B & U.S), Sourcebooks
Kensington Books, Dtv (Germany)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Egmont
Piper Verlag, Bastei Lübbe (Germany)
De Geus NL, Univers Poche